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Moulded parts require a plastic injection mould. Moulds can be expensive and must make many parts to justify the initial expense. Prototype moulds may be used for smaller quantities of parts.

3D Printed parts can enable the previously impossible to be a reality!

To 3D print anything, a computer (CAD) model is req'd. If you don't have a CAD model, we will develop one for you.

This page gives an overview of the options available to make new, or replace existing parts, whether they be worn, broken or poorly designed or simply needing improvement with a new feature.

So many ways to make a new part or prototype, each with distinct advantages of cost, strength, texture and colour and intricacy. Sometimes the latest, most fantastic process is not the best in terms of time, cost or practicality.

We use 3D printing, CNC machining, injection moulding and other forms of fabrication. We'll advise the right process for you... once the end use is understood, the decision is easy!

...we love bringing ideas to life!

Rapid prototype

A CAD model may take some time and add to the cost of the print. If an existing part is available, this may be scanned to produce the CAD model - some adjustments may be required.

Complex parts may also require a CAD model, though this expense will be spread across the number of parts subsequently machined.

There's many options to make moulds affordable - ask us how we can save you money on tooling - esp. for short runs of simpler parts.

Machined parts may be made very quickly, often with minimal preceding work as with other methods of manufacture. A wide variety of materials available to suit form and function.