Adapter Plate

Electronics Component casing

Things we can make:

Replace broken things

Custom car badges


Special holders

Cases for electronics


End of arm tooling

Rare car parts - knobs, sliders, levers...





Scale Models

Set of parts in 3d printer ready for removal of break-away and soluble support material.

Clip-in Drive hub

There's a whole new world made possible by 3D printing plastic components. It often takes seeing an 'idea transformed' to trigger what this technology can be used for in your situation or industry.  It can make your jobs easier, quicker, more accurate or even more fun!

                 Bracket with nut recesses.
Nuts may also be 'trapped' inside the part during printing.

Power Supply Cover

Same as preceeding part, with variation...easy!

We can change the finish of printed parts to be smooth glossy or matt - perfect for automotive replacement knobs, sliders, clips etc...

No more waiting weeks or longer to have the parts you need. Design, Print, Progress.