Plastic prototypes are made to explore design issues that may not be fully realised on paper or with a 3D computer (CAD) model. After initial design is complete, a prototype will enable confidence when progressing to the next stage of production. It will help to ensure the design is good looking, proportional and functional and a proper mating fit with any other parts.

Prototypes and 3d Printing

Planning to use 3D Printing for your next task? 

Our customers appreciate the 30 years experience we've had developing plastic products.  We're proficient at handling a project from the beginning (even from a rough sketch) to the finished parts so there's no loss of efficiency or extra expense using several businesses.

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Call us! We'll guide you through getting a new product organised - one step at a time.

With our Stratasys 3D FDM printer we can transform your idea into product - not just look at, but for real production purposes! Strong, colourful, prototypes and models, small batches to order, replacements for rare components... you'd be surprised!

Once a 'print' is made, and examined for fit and function, changes can be made to the CAD model and a new print initiated. This process only takes hours or less, rather than days or weeks remaking something by other methods. 

Check out other products we've produced and get a start-up cost estimate of your idea.

Before making a 3d print, we need a computer (CAD) model. This CAD model also enables quality realistic pictures of the component which can really help express your idea with others online. If you already have a CAD model we can pick a colour, hit 'print' and make your parts pronto!

Or we'll develop a CAD model from your idea in consultation with you... and then hit print! It's always your idea, but as we've helped lots of people with exciting ideas get their product to market, we can assist you too. We can help in every area from design, through prototyping, tooling, moulding, part assembly and packaging. If you're in the Bayswater or Melbourne, Victoria area we'd love to see your idea and assist with your 3d printing and prototyping needs.

Stratasys 3D Printer - ABS FDM
Sketch or drawing to represent the idea for the needed part.
CAD (or PC) model developed from sketch or drawing - ready to print!
Choose a colour, 'print' the 3D CAD model and you're done! How many do you want?
We make lots of 'one-off' parts, tools, aids for manufacturing processes, devices,
jigs and fixtures, or small batches of components. We use CNC machines, rapid printing and other toolroom equipment to make almost anything.